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PP and HDPE woven fabric lamination is an increasingly popular option for packaging, as it offers many benefits. It combines the durability and strength of PP and HDPE woven bags, as well as the protective qualities of laminated fabric. This type of lamination can provide excellent protection to products stored or shipped in the bag, while also providing great branding opportunities with eye-catching graphics that make products stand out on shelves. As a result, it has become highly desirable by a wide range of industries that need reliable packaging solutions that are also visually attractive.

PP and HDPE woven fabric lamination is a method of creating waterproof, insulated, and more durable materials from polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) woven fabrics. This type of lamination process takes advantage of the strength of both materials while also making them lightweight, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. Different types of stitching techniques can be used to further increase the durability and life span of the PP and HDPE woven fabrics, as well as aesthetically enhance them with attractive designs. The applications for PP and HDPE woven fabric laminations range from packaging bags to fabric covers for furniture, industrial pipes to boat covers. Manufacturers should take into account the type of use before deciding on which techniques to adhere to when producing PP and HDPE laminated fabrics.

HDPE Woven Laminated Fabric Introduction

P.P and HDPE Woven Fabric Laminated are used in countless everyday products from grocery packaging to mailbags to even shopping bags. These fabrics offer durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness as compared to other materials. PP and HDPE laminated non-woven fabrics are highly reliable and made with premium quality raw materials for superior performance. They come in rolls, bags, or any custom-designed shape for a variety of usages. From manufacturers of retail packaging products to large industrial manufacturers, the use cases of PP and HDPE Woven Fabrics Laminated are endless. This makes it easy to source laminate material from reliable PP woven fabric manufacturers all over the world at competitive prices.

Woven Laminated Fabric Product Specification

Woven Laminated Bags are a type of bag made from two layers of fabric, one being a woven HDPE fabric and the other being a laminated HDPE fabric. They have been gaining popularity due to their superior strength and durability, as well as their sleek design. These bags are typically used for transportation, storage, and protection of various items, providing reliable protection while looking great. The specifications of these bags include thick available material thicknesses which range from 0.5 to 1 mm, and they can also come in different sizes depending on the application.

Woven laminated bags are becoming a popular option in the packaging industry due to their versatility and strength. These bags, which are made of two layers of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) woven fabric laminated together, provide superior protection against abrasion and moisture. They are strong enough to withstand long-distance transportation and can be customized with a variety of features to suit the needs of different industries. In this article, we will discuss the product specifications for these woven laminated bags, including their material use, sealing and printing applications, as well as specialized features.

If you also want to check the design with different color fabrics, flat fabric, cloth Fabric, and many more options are there and its specification, check below the product specifications.

Product Specification

Color as per your specification
gsm for Unlaminated bag 50-120
gsm for Laminated bag 62-150
mesh 8*8 -14*14
Bag Size 12"-32" Circular
UV as per your specification
length as per your specification

Find the Laminated HDPC Woven Fabric Features

We fabricate Level/Roundabout HDPE (High Thickness Poly Ethylene)/PP (Poly Propylene) textures for changing over into bundling, shielding, and covering items. The Textures is accessible in Covered and Unlaminated structures through our in-house overlay office. Item can be accessible underneath referenced determinations. We are a driving producer of Woven Processes Planned Sacks and are accessible at driving business sector costs.

Common Features:

  • Fabrics were available in HDPE (High-Density Poly Ethylene) / PP (Poly Propylene) materials.
  • Available in Roll Forms & Open Flat Fabrics.
  • Fabrics are available in coated as well as UN-coated forms.
  • Perfect for meeting the demands of packaging, sheltering & covering products.

PP Woven Laminated Fabric Types

HDPC Woven Fabric is a type of fabric made from two or more layers of high-density polyethylene that have been laminated together. It is extremely durable, resistant to moisture, and enhances performance in terms of flexibility and strength.

HDPC Woven Fabric provides superior strength and durability for a variety of applications, including shipping containers, packaging materials, promotional bags, linings for protective apparel, and coverings for furniture and flooring. Its resistance to liquids also makes it a great option for waterproofing applications.

Advantages of PP HDPE Laminated Woven Fabric

HDPC Laminated Woven Fabric has become increasingly popular due to its superior features such as tensile durability, chemical resistance, and a wide range of specifications depending on the fabric weight. This makes HDPE Laminated Woven Fabrics an ideal choice for industries across many sectors due to their versatility in providing strong protection in soft yet physical covering at a reasonable price.

HDPC (High-Density Polyethylene) Woven Laminated Fabric is the perfect combination of strong, lightweight, and affordable fabric for many industrial products. It combines the strength of polyethylene with a laminated finish resulting in a fabric that is both waterproof and UV resistant. HDPC Woven Laminated Fabric also packs extreme tear strength, making it an ideal choice for products that will be exposed to tough elements such as wind and rain. Learn more about its features and specifications below to see if this fabric is right for your project.

PP Laminated Fabric Manufacturers

Woven HDPE Laminated Fabric is a versatile fabric that can be used for a variety of applications. This fabric is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which makes it resistant to wear and tear, abrasion, and weathering. This fabric is an ideal choice when creating products that need to hold up against the elements such as tarps, curtains, and tents. HDPE fabrics are also frequently used in the manufacturing of bags, backpacks, and even industrial shelters.

The laminated version of the fabric provides additional protection against the wind and rain while providing superior strength and durability. When making your selection it’s important to take note of certain features such as tear resistance, water repellency, UV protection, and fire retardancy to ensure that you are getting optimal usage out of the material.

  • PP laminated woven fabric manufacturers are increasingly popular for many reasons. They offer a wide range of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) woven fabric rolls and laminates, which offer superior strength and durability, with a lightweight design allowing them to be used in a range of applications.
  • Chile is known for its HDPE woven fabric manufacturer in La Serena, Chile which produces remarkable quality fabrics in varying sizes, giving consumers access to any kind of material they need. These woven fabrics also come at an affordable price compared to traditional materials, making it ideal to source HDPE woven fabric roll prices from distributors in Chile if the customer is looking for the best value.


Woven Laminated Bags are a type of bag that is made of HDPE woven fabric and laminated with an extra layer of HDPE material. Not only do these bags look attractive, but they are versatile, durable, and environmentally friendly. The woven fabric provides excellent strength, while the laminate layer ensures the bag is water-resistant and long-lasting. All these features make Woven Laminated Bags perfect for retail packaging, promotional materials, or simply for everyday use. This product specification will explore all the features of Woven Laminated Bags and how they can be used in various applications.

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At Chiletextiles, we are one of the leading HDPE woven fabric manufacturers in Chile, offering a wide selection of premium and high-quality woven fabrics. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality woven fabrics that are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material at an affordable price.

We understand that customers expect nothing less than excellence from us when it comes to quality and reliability. That is why we strive to offer our customers the best possible product, making sure that all our decisions are customer-focused. Our team of experienced technicians has been manufacturing high-grade HDPE Woven Fabric Rolls for more than 10 years. This means your investment will be paid off in terms of durability and quality you get for the money you spend.

  • ISPAEXIM is the leading HDPE woven fabric manufacturer in La Serena Chile and has been supplying top-notch products to many successful companies around the world. With our years of experience in manufacturing premier-quality HDPE fabric, we guarantee nothing less than excellence for every product distributed by us.
  • Sourced from some of the finest HDPE raw materials in Chile, our innovative production process ensures quality woven fabric with an optimal combination of uniformity and strength along with a commitment to unbeatable prices. Moreover, we keep updated with the changing demands and technological advances of the industry while retaining the core value of providing customer satisfaction.
  • We understand that buying woven fabrics require careful attention and assistance so our team is available 24/7 to address your queries and help you in making an informed decision regarding purchasing HDPE rolls at a competitive price. So choose GX&T Co Ltd as your preferred supplier for all your HDPE need – whatever shape or size your order may

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