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FIBC Bags Introduction

This article is dedicated to discussing all FIBC Bags to help you make an informed decision easily. We will talk about everything starting from the types of FIBC bags available to the list of reliable manufacturers offering their services in chile. We will also suggest some tips on how these sacks could help you boost your productivity while helping reduce waste and shipment costs in the process.

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) bulk and heavy bags are logical and economical choices for storing and transporting bulk materials. These bags are utilized all over the world due to their enhanced tensile strength and convenience. FIBC bags come in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes, which makes them suitable for a wide range of uses. In this article, we will discuss the various types of FIBC Bags available along with manufacturers selling them in Putre. We will also explore additional advantages that make these bags an essential part of the supply chain management process today.

FIBC Bags Product Specification

Whether you are a packaging company or a business that requires FIBC Bags for bulk packaging solutions, the range of options and product specifications can be staggering. At ISPA EXIM, we specialize in the manufacture of FIBC jumbo bags and bulk bags, making it easier to find the right bag for your needs.

FIBC Bags found in Putre has been and offers one of the most extensive collections of types of FIBC bags available on the market today. Our selection ranges from UN/DOT-compliant shipping sacks to specialized manufacturing requirements such as chemicals and agriculture. We are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers. So, if you are looking for FIBC Bags in Putre, always deliver high-quality products that meet or exceed industry expectations. That’s why we make sure to invest top-grade raw materials and offer personalized service tailored to your individual needs.

FIBC Bags come in different specifications, with various types of fabrics, colors, and sizes that are suitable for different uses. FIBCs need to be made from the finest raw materials and should have advanced anti-corrosive properties for longer life expectancy. For these reasons, it is important to select the right FIBC Bags Manufacturers that specialize in producing FIBCs like Jumbo Bags, Bulk Bags, and more. If you are based in Putre and are looking for good quality FIBCs; there are a plethora of experienced manufacturers who can provide you with the specification details to make your purchase decision easier.

FABRIC: These bags are made up of Woven Polypropylene fabric check below the product used in it.

  • Fabric Weight: From 160g/m2 – 200 m2 or As per your requirement/customize.
  • Coating: We offer Coating or Non-Coating 25-30 g/m2
  • Colour: White, Beige, or any colors
  • UV Protection

FIBC Bags (Bulk/Heavy Bags)

FIBC Bags also referred to as bulk and heavy bags, come in a variety of sizes and types, and are a popular choice for businesses requiring large amounts of material to be moved in an economical yet efficient manner. Manufacturers of FIBC Bags in Putre, Chile are dedicated to developing and providing quality bulk bags that are built to last. These bags offer the perfect solution for businesses looking for a versatile yet economical way of packaging, storing, and transporting their products. With so many different types of bags available – from FIBC jumbo bags to fibc bulk bags – it is important to be aware of the different kinds available so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs. In this article, we will explore the different types of FIBC Bags manufacturers in Putre have on offer so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Are you in search of reliable lightweight and bulk FIBC bag solutions in Putre? With the evolving packaging industry, FIBC Bags have become a necessary part of any business required to store, transport, or package goods. As a company, it is essential to invest in the right FIBC bag that can efficiently meet your needs. From countless manufacturers to varied types of bags, we understand, choosing amongst them can be a hard choice.

Features of FIBC Bags

FIBC bags are the ideal type of bulk packaging for both food and non-food-grade materials. As versatile and cost-effective packaging solutions, FIBC bags can help reduce costs associated with manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and more. With many types of FIBC bags from leading manufacturers in Putre, finding the right bag to meet your needs is easy. Whether you need jumbo or bulk Fibc bags to ship large items safely, or if you need low-profile FIBC bags for an exact fit in tight spaces, there is a perfect FIBC bag solution that meets your specific requirements. Learn more about the various types of FIBC bags and their various manufacturers here - so you can choose the best option for your project.

FIBC Sacks are utilized to pack strong dry mass materials across different enterprises. These are 100 percent altered sacks to meet the pressing prerequisites of the clients. A portion of the normal sack plan choices accessible is U-board, Roundabout, and 4-board FIBC mass packs. In the event of these 3 sack developments, the packs in the wake of finishing swell up and lose their unique square shapes when filled. This can now and again bring about packs not effectively fitting inside the truck or compartment in which they are to be moved. Thus, the Puzzle packs were acquainted with tackling this issue. Perplexes allude to the additional texture boards or strings that are sewn to every one of the four corners of the sack and empower it to hold its square shape when pressed to the edge. Confound mass packs, likewise called FIBC sacks, are an extraordinary sort of FIBC packs that are intended to assist with holding the square state of the sacks and empower better and more productive utilization of the accessible extra room.

Advantages/Benefits of FIBC Bags

Baffle bulk bags are the most appropriate for dry, free-streaming items. Contents that effectively finish up the edges of the pack are sand, synthetic compounds, petrochemicals, cleansers, minerals, and horticultural items like wheat, grains, seeds, sugar, flavors, and so on. They can securely be put away and shipped in FIBC Bags. Sizeable items that have diminished stream can't be supported for these astound packs.

FIBC Bags Types

FIBC bags are divided into 4 different types A, B, C, & D. At the point when FIBCs are filled and released, it is workable for the development of the items to have a development of friction-based electricity. Preventing this electrical charge from expanding is vital assuming that you are managing combustible and burnable materials. Different materials might not dislike flexibility.

  • Type A FIBCs give no static security. Made of woven polypropylene (woven pp), friction-based electricity is produced as materials rub against within surface of the sack as they are filled and exhausted. Since there is no static security given by Type A packs, it is fundamental that they are not used to store or move burnable materials, or utilized in combustible or flammable conditions.
  • Like Sort A mass packs, Type B mass sacks have no component for disseminating electricity produced via friction. The thing that matters is that Type B mass sacks are produced using materials that have a low breakdown voltage to forestall the event of exceptionally lively, and perilous engendering brush releases (PBD). Even though Type B FIBCs can forestall PBD, they can't be considered antistatic FIBCs because they don't scatter electrostatic charge. Typical brush releases can in any case happen, which can light combustible dissolvable fumes.
  • Are otherwise called conductive or ground-able FIBC. Initially, they were produced using altogether conductive materials. Ground-able Sort C FIBCs are all the more ordinarily produced using non-conductive polypropylene entwined with leading yarns, regularly in a network design. The interconnection of conductive yarns and the association with ground or earth are basic to the protected utilization of Type C FIBC. Similarly, as with any manual activity, guaranteeing interconnection and establishing Type C FIBC is dependent upon human mistakes.
  • Hostile to static mass packs is produced using static defensive texture intended to securely forestall the event of combustible sparkles, brush releases, and engendering brush releases, without the requirement for an association from the mass sack to ground or earth. Utilizing CROHMIQ texture to build against static mass packs wipes out the inborn gamble of establishing disappointment that is dependably present at whatever point conductive Sort C FIBCs (grounded FIBCs) are utilized.

FIBC Bags Manufacturing Process

FIBC Bags that are used for transporting manufactured goods from one destination to another are produced in Putre, Chile. They can be made of various types of materials and with different designs. This article will explain the FIBC bags manufacturing process and examine the main players in the industry, such as FIBC Bags manufacturers, suppliers, and traders in Putre, Chile. Furthermore, it will provide an overview of the various types of fibc bags available for purchase from manufacturers in Putre. It will also look at some of the benefits associated with purchasing fibc bags from Putre-based companies and examine why their production process is deemed reliable. Finally, it will showcase examples of some high-quality fibc bags manufactured by FIBC bag manufacturers in Putre.

FIBC bags are popular packaging products used by manufacturers and industries globally. The growing demand for these bags has made it essential for manufacturers to focus on their efficient manufacturing process to meet customer requirements.

Manufacturing Process:

  • Extrusion
  • Weaving
  • Moisture Proofing
  • Cutting
  • Printing
  • Webbing
  • Sewing
  • Inspection
  • Load Test
  • Packing & Dispatch


FIBC Bags manufacturers in Putre, Chile have access to various kinds of fabric depending on their customers’ needs. They select a cloth that is both durable enough to protect the product while also being lightweight enough to save on shipping costs. Once they have analyzed which qualities they need, materials are procured locally or imported from abroad as necessary. From there, manufacturers create customized designs and palettes that suit their client's requirements, assembling machines before finally cutting, sewing, cleaning, and inspecting each batch before packaging it for shipment.

Why Choose ISPA Exim?

The Putre region of Chile hosts several FIBC Bags manufacturers, suppliers, and traders who aim to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. These companies go through the entire process from manufacturing the materials to fabricating them into functional packages according to customer specifications. We not only ensure that their products are durable and efficient, but also guarantee that their businesses are sustainable as well.

At ISPA Exim, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality FIBC Bags available at a competitive price. Our FIBC Bags are designed with durability and functionality in mind, so you can trust that they will last and do the job they were made for. But why choose ISPA Exim the best FIBC Bags manufacturers, suppliers, and traders in Chile? So, this is one of the leading production centers of products like ours and this ensures that we have access to the highest quality materials for our products. Moreover, due to being local and having established relationships with other buyers and suppliers, we can offer some of the lowest prices available on the market. With ISPA Exim, you know that you’re getting quality FIBC Bags every time.

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