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Introduction of BOPP Laminated Bags

Bopp Laminated Bags are becoming increasingly popular because of their durability, eco-friendly properties, and attractive designs. These bags are composed of layers of Polypropylene film, which add features such as resistance and protection from water and moisture. We can further classify them according to the material used in their manufacture: Bopp Laminated PP Bags, BOPP Laminated Woven Bags, and Bopp Laminated Non-Woven Bags.

Bopp laminated bags provide excellent storage for materials with a wide range of chemical properties. We can be used in dry food packaging due to their resistance to water, chemicals, and moisture. Its shiny surface also makes it an ideal choice for promotional packaging due to its attractive visual look. Moreover, We guarantee the sealability required to avoid tampering with packaged products or any kind of environmental contamination during transportation or storage.

BOPP Laminated Bags Specification and Description

If you are looking for BOPP Laminated Bags in San Pedro de la Paz, Chile then there are so many different kinds of products available with different types of finishing from the industry, such as; matt, glossy, metalized, matt metalized, and others. This large number of completions in all actuality do contain their properties and detail. We add to the last impression of your item significantly because, eventually, the ideal bundling goes about as a salesman of your item. So, this is the crucial perspective that one ought to remember while picking a particular kind of finish.

Coming to our classy and in-vogue BOPP Bags, we offer different sorts of completions. These incorporate Sparkle, Matt, Gleam and Matt Shine metalized, Mate Metalize, Holographic, and side/register window finish. These are all well-designed completes that can be utilized for the various sorts of BOPP Packs. These completions contribute fundamentally to the item’s security, solidness, strength, and look. What's more, you generally get total answers for shifted needs relying upon the items. Our specialists are generally prepared to help you in picking the ideal completion, that can be applied to the sacks relying upon the item.

Product Specification

Front Width 215 mm – 620 mm
Gusset Width 60 mm – 250 mm
60 mm – 250 mm 420 mm – 1150 mm
Fabric Colour As per your requirement
Fabric Denier Fabric Denier
Fabric Material PP/HDPE
Fabric Type Circular, Flat
BOPP Material Gloss Finish, Matt Finish
BOPP Thickness 10 – 18
Extrusion Coating Gloss Coating, Matt Coating
GSM for bag as per your specification
Mesh as per your specification
Bag Size as per your specification
UV as per your specification
Printing Upto 3 colour one side

BOPP Laminated Bags

BOPP laminated bags are an innovative and flexible packaging solution that has been gaining popularity recently. The combination of BOPP and lamination technology adds extra strength and protection to the bags, making them much more resistant to wear and tear than ordinary plastic bags. We’re great for protecting both food items like snacks as well as non-food items such as books, tools, household appliances, or any other valuable item one might want to protect from the elements during transport or storage. Additionally, these bags feature features like water resistance, better printing quality with accurate colors, and UV protection which further accentuates their advantages. Furthermore, due to various combinations of materials used in the bag like BOPP + PP + non-woven, etc., We are increasingly being used in various industries such as agricultural & food processing, etc.

BOPP Laminated Bags are bags made of superior quality and strong lamination, which makes them ideal for packaging a wide range of products. These bags have high tear resistance and excellent printing capabilities, allowing them to be easily printed with logos or complex designs. Additionally, We are highly durable and can stand up to everyday wear and tear, making them an excellent choice for wrapping perishable items like produce or fragile items such as glassware. The laminated layers also offer barrier protection from moisture, dust, oxygen, and UV rays which further enhance the benefits these bags provide for food products. These features make BOPP laminated bags suitable for packaging products in any industry including agriculture, retail, and healthcare.

BOPP Laminated Bags Features & Applications

A practical option to multi-wall kraft paper packs, BOPP overlaid PP Woven sacks include great illustrations and are unmistakably fit to the customer retail market. It is impeccably appropriate for the pressing of pet food, wild bird seed, the creature takes care of, minerals, salt, and synthetic compounds. BOPP is a bi-pivotally situated polypropylene film intended for adaptable bundling, mark, and Print completing applications. OPP, situated polypropylene, is an adaptable material gotten from softening and situating a polymer called polypropylene. The fundamental component of BOPP films is further developed solidness, high elasticity, astounding optics, and great water boundary properties. We range from 15 to 50 microns.

BOPP sacks are the ones with great appearance and are utilized for bundling pricier items like pesticides, flour, very good quality synthetic compounds, and so on. Some of the time, We are even utilized as an expert bundling of more modest 1kg sacks. We represent a high-level thought of mass bundling from 5-50 kgs that enhances a brand's character. With its stand-out plan, it has the benefit of ideal space usage contrasted with different other sorts of packs or sacks. At ISPA EXIM, we guarantee the best quality unrefined components which go into the creation of these sharp and profoundly tough multi-shaded BOPP packs.

Features of BOPP Bags

  • Simpler stacking of material
  • Low electrostatic charge
  • UV settled
  • A shiny surface upgrades the attractiveness of the item
  • Adaptable and high strength
  • Made from food-grade material
  • Printing choice on the gusseted part
  • Residue and water evidence

Applications of BOPP Packs

These sacks are utilized for the bundling of:

  • Food Items: Flour, Corn, Grain, Sugar, Salt, Creature Feed
  • Synthetic compounds and Composts: Carbon, Harsh Pop, Potash, Phosphates
  • Petro Synthetics: Polymers, Granules, PVC Compound, Expert Clumps

Benefits & Advantages of BOPP Laminated Bags

So, if you are looking, for now, for more Advantages of BOPP Laminated Bags then it is a film of polypropylene that has been extended in a machine across both headings. We are accessible in various standard determinations which makes it appropriate for being picked by the clients according to their necessities as well as prerequisites. The determination of a trusted and rumored BOPP pack producer like ISPA Exim would ensure that the sacks are of the greatest alongside essentially fulfilling every one of the guidelines. The BOPP sacks so produced by ISPA Exim have high straightforwardness, lucidity, and wonderful elasticity accordingly making the packs usable. These packs are exceptionally strong and the prints decorated on these sacks are clear as well as gorgeous. ISPA Exim guarantees that there is no split-the-difference like these BOPP sacks and We are financially savvy for being utilized in the food and drink industry.

Advantages of BOPP Bags

Utilizing the BOPP Bags give various benefits to the clients that are as per the following.

  • Having an exceptionally high rigidity makes the packs ideal for the planned reason for use
  • The imprinting on these sacks is of wonderful quality and in particular, it can't be scratched off
  • The surface picture is profoundly shiny which can be effectively cleared off as and when required
  • The BOPP sacks are very alluring and wonderful to look at alongside a dampness-safe capability
  • Because of the top-class appearance, these sacks can likewise be utilized for costlier and top-of-the-line items

Consequently, at whatever point you are needing the BOPP sacks burn through no additional time except for contacting ISPA Exim soon to get the superior quality BOPP packs sooner.

BOPP Laminated Bags Manufacturing Process

Nowadays BOPP laminated bags are being used in the packaging sector widely as this inherits the qualities from its manufacturing process. So, if you are located in San Pedro de la Paz and are looking for the best and right option then. ISPA Exim is the best manufacturer of BOPP Laminated Bags in San Pedro de la Paz, Chile. Everything starts with PP granules in the measuring tape. Fitting tapes produced using the HDPE/PP granules push ahead towards the weaving machines it takes the state of texture after winding around. Simultaneously the new BOPP film gets imprinted on the opposite rotogravure printing machine with the assistance of engraved chambers according to the plan and is transformed into a printed BOPP Film.

The texture got from looms is then laminated with the printed BOPP film with the assistance of the expulsion overlay process. After this the printed and covered texture roll moves towards the last phase of its assembling interaction, which is the completing stage. In the completing stage, the overlaid roll goes through a different cycle like cutting, base sewing, gusseting, top fixing, and Simple Open contingent upon the requirement. This type of packing help keep items inside them safeguarded from dampness for a significant period. We are the best option in the material bundling industry. PP, OPP, and BOPP packs are impervious to corrosive, alkalies, and natural solvents. This is the justification for why We are utilized in the bundling industry where capacity and transportation in changing environments can't have stayed away from. We project the item from dampness and residue like stick films.


BOPP Laminated Bags is fundamentally a film of polypropylene that has been extended in a machine across both bearings. We are accessible in various standard determinations which makes it reasonable for being picked by the clients according to their necessities as well as prerequisites. The choice of a trusted and rumored BOPP Bags Manufacturing like ensure that the sacks are of the greatest alongside fundamentally fulfilling every one of the guidelines. The BOPP sacks so fabricated by ISPA Exim have high straightforwardness, clearness, and magnificent rigidity subsequently making the packs completely usable.

Why Choose ISPA Exim?

When we say why to choose ISPA Exim, just for your knowledge we are the best BOPP Laminated Bags manufacturers, suppliers, and traders in San Pedro de la Paz, Chile. The packs so made by us satisfy every one of the fundamental guidelines and quality boundaries, consequently ensuring that none of the clients get even a solitary opportunity to gripe. With our times of involvement and sheer degree of skill, ISPA Exim tries to satisfy the hope of every client in the most ideal way. So, the thing is you hanging tight for. Reach out to us over our helpline number or our site to get appropriate direction and satisfy your business request connected with your BOPP pack prerequisites.