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Ad Star Bags Introduction

Ad Star Bags is one of leading manufacturing product of high-performance paper bags for the food and beverage, cement, dry bulk goods, and retail industries. Ad Star Bags are used in market from more than three decades and use in many different types of product packing and developing. This type of packing is used for specialized products by respective industries around the world. From Chile to Europe, North America, and Africa you will find the Ad Star Bags are more used for serving customers as it is one of the most advanced packaging solutions. The most company’s lines include AD star block bottom bags and ad star bag machines. These lines are made with quality materials to ensure their reliability and durability over time. Ad Stars bags have been designed to withstand heavy loads while having optimal strength-to-weight ratio at competitive prices which makes them one of the premier product in the industry.

Ad Star Bags Product Specification

Ad Star Bags are a popular choice for many industries as we have wide range of options and product specifications to suit different needs. Ad Star machines which used to stick bags which is designed for the production of block bottom, pinch bottom, and Bopp bags, making them ideal for the manufacturing of bags used in food packing and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, we also offer conversion line provides advanced feed systems with optimal energy efficiency and increased automation. Using this starling machine is therefore an efficient way to produce AD star bags that match high-grade quality demands quickly and efficiently.

AD Star Bags has been a leader and demanding due to which this on demand we are developing and manufacturing the best quality bags. We also developed advanced technologies; Ad Star Bags has become synonymous with the highest standard of quality production standards. While manufacture we also offered Pinch Bottom, Block Bottom, and BOPP bags with custom graphics and printings using eco-friendly material.

With this in that we also, recently added a new cutting-edge machine, 'ISPA EXIM', to their production line for optimizing productivity for their customers within a shorter period. We offer modernized features like an enhanced gripping mechanism and servo-controlled bag collection system which makes it easier to produce lightweight high quality bags in different sizes and shapes. Additionally, we also have a 'Star linger Conversion Line' to quickly convert pre-molded multi-layer films into pouches or bags in an easy way with reliable results. With all these benefits available at hand, manufacturing of premium quality due to which Ad star Bags becomes highly efficient.

Product Specification

Color as per your specification
GSM for Ad star bag as per your specification
Mesh as per your specification
Bag Size as per your specification
UV as per your specification
Printing Up to 3 colors on one side

Ad Star Bags

Ad Star Bags is one the leading product used for paper and plastic bags used for various packaging purposes. Since 1998, we have grown to become a major player in the global paper and plastic bag market with products sold in over 70 countries worldwide. Ad Star Bags has set itself apart for its durable and innovative bag designs as well as its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are specialize in manufacturing a wide range of products such as block bottom bags, cement bags, machine-made bags, and more. From their state-of-the-art factory based in Chile, ISPA EXIM offer ad start bag which is excellent quality products that meet customers’ needs.

Ad Star Bags are the perfect combination of strength and convenience when you need to store and transport things securely. From Ad Star Cement Bags to Ad Star Block Bottom Bags, these products provide an unparalleled level of protection. And with an Ad Star Bag Machine, your production line is sure to be up and running quickly. As the leading manufacturer of Ad Star Bags in Chile, we have all the options you need when it comes to bag manufacturing.

Features Ad Star Bags

This pack is made without glues from a covered polypropylene texture. The sack can be delivered either as a one-layer block base valve pack or as an open mouth pack with a block base having Flexo printing or with multicolor gravure printing. It outperforms all similar items, taking everything into account, is flexible and eco-accommodating, and practical.

  • Higher Strength
  • Lessen Space through Higher Stacking
  • Simple Transportation
  • Climate Well disposed
  • Great Printing Quality
  • More Market Worth through really printing surface
  • Opposes water and stickiness
  • Greatest assurance
  • Manual Or Auto Filling - Sack Setting and Filling
  • Set aside Items and Cash

Ad Star Bags Advantages

Ad Star sacks are heat-fixed polypropylene packs (no javascript:void{0}; or sewing). These packs can be delivered with valves or open mouth. We are commonly known as Block Base Valve Packs. These sacks convey magnificent execution in any place rapid filling processes are utilized. Concrete pack producers know about the crucial job these sacks play in moving and putting away concrete by guaranteeing that the material is safeguarded from temperature, moisture, and numerous different variables. So, if you are looking for Ad Star Bags then you can find one in easily Arica Chile, you can use of these sacks are not restricted to the capacity and transportation of concrete. We are by and large generally utilized for pressing seeds, grain, flavors, creature feed, manure, and fine synthetic compounds, to give some examples.

  • Strength
  • Easy to Store
  • Resists Humidity
  • Environment Friendly
  • Protection

Ad Star Bags Types

Ad Star bags are an essential part of modern daily life. Whether it’s food or pharmaceuticals, we are in charge of making sure that the products arrive at their destination in the best condition possible. While there is a wide range of ad star bags available, understanding the different types and their uses can help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. The three main types are pinched bottom bags, block bottom bags, and Bopp bags: each has its unique uses and advantages.

The pinch-bottom bag is commonly used to package foods because it provides a secure seal and protection from dust or dirt. Block bottom bags, on the other hand, provide extra strength for heavier items like brick-sized boxes or hardware parts, while Bopp bags can be made airtight to protect sensitive products like liquids or electronics.

These AD star bag types quickly and efficiently using patented techniques such as:

  • Ad Star bags are becoming a staple in food storage, presentation, and packaging solutions. We provide versatility and ease of use, making them a prime choice for multiple applications across industries.
  • Manufactured with state-of-the-art machineries, these bags come in several types including pinch bottom, block bottom, and BOPP bags. Each type is designed to meet specific needs which can be used effectively to create custom packaging solutions for any situation.
  • The Ad Star machine and other manufacturing equipment also allow for quick, reliable production of ad star bags increasing the efficiency with cutting-edge technologies available. This allows the safe delivery of products without compromising on quality or satisfaction to customers all over the world looking to switch over from conventional packaging options with Ad Star Bag tech-aided solutions.

Ad Star Bags Manufacturing Process

ISPA EXIM is Chilean-based Ad Star Bags manufacturers which produce high-quality bags for both personal and professional use as we manufactured using advanced process, Ad Star Bags is available variety of styles and colors, with an emphasis on durability and sustainability. Their Arica, Chile factory employs the latest technology to ensure that each bag is produced with the highest quality standards. From selecting the best materials to crafting the perfect design, Ad Star Bags full all your need in every step in term of manufacturing process. We use experienced team works hard to ensure that each bag meets their customers' expectations. With a commitment to excellence, Ad Star Bags is one of leading bag which is used in Chile. Not only that this bags are one of the leading bag manufacturing and supplying.

ISPA Exim is Ad Star Bags manufacturers, suppliers, and traders in Arica, Chile which is there leading products. We do offer a wide range of products, we also have become a trusted name in the industry. Our manufacturing process is highly efficient and ensures that their bags are of superior quality. We work with reliable suppliers and traders to ensure that our products are made from the best materials available. We as a company also makes sure that all its products meet international standards for safety and durability. Our Ad Star Bags has become most used and demanding bags, which make us a leader in the industry due to its commitment to excellence in manufacturing processes and customer service.


AD STAR Bags is the eminent block base sack made without types of cement from covered polypropylene texture - licensed overall by many different company machines. The sack can be delivered either as a one-layer block base valve pack or as an open-mouth pack with a block base. It outperforms all equivalent items, all things considered, is flexible and eco-accommodating, and is efficient.

Why Choose ISPA Exim for Ad Star Bags?

ISPA Exim is the best manufacturer of Ad Star Bags manufacturers in Chile. We have been providing quality bags from long time, so you can be sure that you will get the highest quality products when you choose ISPA Exim. With our experienced team of professionals and advanced technology, we can provide a wide variety of custom-made bags that will fit your needs perfectly.

At ISPA Exim, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to provide an excellent experience for their clients. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a wide selection of materials, colors, and sizes, we can create the perfect bag for any occasion or purpose. Additionally, their reliable delivery service ensures that your order will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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